Intensely Regenerating Eye Complex


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Product Description

Skin Types: All/ Anti-Aging

Experience this highly concentrated, proprietary combination of peptides that boosts collagen synthesis and improves cellular communication. Amino acids from botanicals, and powerful repairing ingredients like Green Tea, Vitamin C and E  deeply nourish, protect and create long lasting moisture retention while strengthening skin’s barrier function with Meadowfoam Seed Oil.

Highlight Ingredients:

Proprietary blend of peptides – regulates and boosts collagen fibers while mimicking the relationship of growth factors for healing and producing collagen

Retinyl Palmitate – Vitamin A naturally found in skin that repairs and exfoliates

Aloe Vera and Green Tea – anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wonderful antioxidant combination

Meadowfoam Seed Oil – a high weight plant oil that strengthens the skin barrier and encourages moisture retention

Avocado Oil – helps in reducing age spots, scars and sun damage, while being rich in amino acids and proteins


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